Why Use an ADCI Member Company?

An ADCI General Member has agreed in writing to adhere to all applicable regulatory provisions, and to adhere to the ADCI International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations that, in some cases, is more stringent than those of national regulatory bodies.

An ADCI Associate Member is one who fully understands the manning requirements, equipment needs, and safety criteria related to the conduct of underwater activity, and is able to provide guidance and assistance in the evaluation and preparation of bid specifications.

Why should I use the services of an ADCI General Member company over one who is not a member?

This Member is one who has pledged in writing to foster safety in all areas of activities; to comply with all applicable ADCI International standards; to maintain high standards with regard to business ethics, employee relations, customer relations and the public image of the underwater industry.

The ADCI General Member has committed to employ only fully trained and experienced commercial diving personnel who are graduates of an accredited program of education. That individual will have received an education, and then on-the-job training, and has been determined by the employer as competent to conduct the underwater operations necessary to successful accomplishment of the intended task. The ADCI General Member has also accepted the requirements of the ADCI Audit Program; a procedure intended to evaluate whether the company is able to fully meet the requirements of the ADCI Consensus Standards.

The ADCI Member is fully aware of the requirement for maintaining adequate insurance coverage to protect not only his own interests, but also the interests of the contracting party. The Association has arranged for members to have available to them an attractive Worker's Compensation Insurance Program at advantageous rates. Information on this program is available at this web site.

The ADCI Member has pledged to utilize equipment which fully conforms to the requirements of the various regulations under which operations will be conducted, and will be able to demonstrate that required tests and inspections have been conducted.

What tools are available to assist me in better understanding the conduct of underwater operations or; to assist me in preparing bid documents?

The ADCI International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations (which include appropriate national regulations).

Various Tutorials or Workshops, conducted by the Association of Diving Contractors.
The ADCI Bidders Check Off List

Will the Association assist me in locating an appropriate underwater services contractor?

Only to the extent that the Association will provide you with a listing of names of member companies located in your general geographic region. The Association will not attempt to show preference by identifying any specific member company as being appropriate for your job.

Can I become a member of the Association of Diving Contractors International?

Yes, if desired and found eligible. Membership in the Association is divided into classes to represent the General (conducts underwater operations), the Associate (supplies or hires services, manufactured goods or products), the Supporting (generally supports the activities of the Association members), and the individual (has an individual interest in the activities of the Association).

Can I obtain a copy of the ADCI International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving Operations?

Yes, to obtain a copy of the 6.2 Edition of the ADCI International Consensus Standards - print or digital - click here.

Can my diver personnel receive certification through ADCI?

Yes. The ADCI Certification Card program applies. See information on this program ADCI Certification Program.